Sunday, July 27, 2008

The meaning of color

It can raise your blood pressure and stir your appetite. Frequently associated with leadership, people who are drawn to red tend to be confident, strong-willed, spontaneous and extroverted. If red is your favorite color, you're probably a risk- taker and love a challenge. You may also tend to be impulsive and daring, and are a true adventurer. The dining room is one of the best rooms to showcase red. It's also lush in a library or study. The tinted cousin of red, pink, is an excellent choice for powder rooms and baths, with its skin enhancing qualities. 

Pink is sweet, non-threatening, and reduces anxiety. It is calming. In tests at a Seattle jail, violent prisoners who were put into pink cells remained calm. Pink defused their aggression, and the effects even lingered thirty minutes or more after being removed from the cell. Complementary to skin tones, pink is an excellent color choice for your bath or powder room. 
Considered a color of warmth, orange has broad appeal. Orange promotes feelings of excitement. It makes one feel vibrant, improves appetite, and enhances social interaction. Fast food restaurants make frequent use of a vibrant orange, because it gets you moving! The idea is that you'll eat quickly, and then leave so the table is made available for the next excited people. If you're hosting a dinner party, don't do it in a bright orange room… unless you'd like your guests to eat and run! 

Suggestive of happiness, yellow reminds us of a warm, sunny day. It radiates a cheerful mood, while boosting alertness and increasing our ability to learn. An encouraging color, yellow inspires creativity, and commands attention. Paler shades of yellow create warmth in larger rooms without compromising the feeling of light and space. It's a welcoming color—mellow yellow. However, as the color yellow ironically indicates—proceed with caution. Yellow at full value can denote sickness, decay, and risk. It can increase anxiety for some people. In fact, babies cry more and for longer periods of time, in rooms with a saturated yellow hue. 

more colors to come!

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