Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Frame your Life!

Here is my daughters eat in kitchen area, she has some framed art from her girls, mixed with family photos, lots of different colored frames give it a fun feeling!

I love the formal look of this wall art, lots of beautiful etchings. 

All these little photos work as they are all old photo's.

Perfect hallway alcove for photos.
Use family photo's to fill empty halls.
Balance different size frames on a mantel.

These frames all the same size, and color give this staircase a formal look.
Frame your life with all the special moments in life, past, present and future

xoxo, Cathleen


Carrie said...

Thank you for this idea-filled post! I love framed wall art -- watercolors, oils, embroideries, prints and mixed media. I enjoy making varied arrangements and have done a few posts about this.

prof en retraite said...

Hi Cathleen! I am so happy to see that you approve of family photos, because I've always heard that designers think it is a bad idea! And....I had to come say that there is no way you have a daughter old enough to have children!! No kidding!! Have a great week!!...Debbie

marty39 said...

Oh I love your daughter's wall of pictures the best. Each one looks so interesting. What a great area. I also like to use a lot of different sizes and shapes of frames for a great wall vignette. Always so interesting and really draws the eye to that spot. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Marty

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Cathleen, these photos are so inspiring. My husband is going to be really upset with you when I want to put MORE nails in our walls!! Love your daughter's breakfast room! laurie

DesignTies said...

Thanks for posting these pictures. There are so many creative and unique ways to hang artwork -- it doesn't have to be a line of three pictures or one picture all by itself. It's much more interesting to combine frames and sizes and even shapes.

Your daughter's kitchen wall is wonderful :-) I love that she framed her girls' artwork, and that she combined their art with family photos. A home really should reflect the people who live in it, and what better way to do that than by personalizing your space with pieces that are special and meaningful to you :-)

Kelly @ DesignTies

Tricia - Avolli said...

Thanks for sharing all of these images with us. I think this is a much more challenging task to pull off well than it looks. Each of these spaces hit the mark.

Tricia - Avolli

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I have a wall going up my staircase of family photos. I have taken them over the years and printed them sepia then framed them in an assortment of matching frames.
'assortment of matching'~ does that even make sense?
They make me smile!!

Pony Girl said...

Great ideas! Now that I have a new camera, I can't wait to start printing some of my favorite pictures and framing them then putting them on the wall! ;) I like the looks of this kind of display!

Renae said...

I need to work on more framed art....loved your images!

Anonymous said...