Sunday, November 1, 2009

Australian Home of former Beatle George Harrison

George Harrison, the Beatles lead guitarist who died in 2001, and his wife, Olivia, built an isolated sanctuary on Australia’s Hamilton Island in 1987.

The living room of the main house features a peaked bamboo ceiling, a tree trunk the musician found on the island and a curved wall of windows.

Angus Leendertz, designed the interiors, using pieces from both Australia and England.

The musician worked closely with landscape designer Malcolm Hunt on the gardens and pool area.

The compound has three guest huts.

George was one of my favorite Beatles, who can pick just one?

xoxo, Cathleen


Lynn said...

What a treat. The home is beautiful and unique.

Emily, et. al. said...

Couldn't do much better for a vacation get away!

Millie said...

George was my favourite Beatle too Cathleen! The limo. driver I use when I go to Melb. to work has driven Olivia H. too when she's come to Australia. He said she's the loveliest person, so unaffected, down to earth & very sweet. That makes me very happy to know, as that means she was perfect for George.
Millie ^_^