Saturday, August 30, 2008

More Colors for you


Symbolic of purity and cleanliness, white tends to soften down the emotional content of other colors. From a functional standpoint, too much white can contribute to glare. It's important to remember that the human eye sees white as a brilliant color and it can cause headaches and eyestrain. For this reason, full strength white should be used in moderation, especially when it has a glossy finish.

This neutral value can have negative connotations like evil, mourning, night, 
death, and fear. However, black can be very stylish and modern. Because it seems to never go out of style, it carries an air of sophistication. 

Suggestive of strength and determination, black can be intimidating to some people because of its power and formality. Considered by many to be the "design anchor," most interior designers feel a room isn't complete without at least a few black accents. 

Assuring and protective, brown communicates credibility and stability. It's great for creating a neutral environment that promotes open discussion. Dark browns imply masculinity, while lighter browns suggest warmth and femininity. Because of its versatile nature, brown is welcome in any color scheme. 

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