Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More Colors for you

Blue promotes relaxation and slows down the central nervous system. This may be why, during times of economic uncertainty, the popularity of the color blue increases. Blue is a responsible color, symbolic of security, trust, and loyalty. Regarded as being therapeutic to the mind and body, blue is symbolic of water. This makes a bathroom swathed in a variety of blue shades an ideal setting for a relaxing bubble bath. Sleeping in a blue room can be a serene experience, as blue can reduce stress and relieve tension. Actually, monochromatic blue bedrooms can be so relaxing that you may want to spice things up with a zippy accent color or two, in moderation.Relaxing as it may be, blue can also be punchy! Brighter blues are proven energy-enhancers, and most people will be more productive in a blue room. 

Intuitive and idealistic, people who like indigo are considered to be intellectual, and truth-seekers. They tend not to enjoy the spotlight, but rather like to focus on helping others. People who like indigo are usually very creative. Indigo conjures up images of the infinite universe—space without limits. Since indigo is a compelling shade, it is most often used in moderation, as an accent color. Splash indigo around any room by using accessories like decorative pillows, rugs, or candles. indigo is particularly lovely with a variety of reds and pale yellows. 


Historically, violet has been associated with mystical qualities and spiritual characteristics. It's also indicative of royalty, wealth, power, and sensitivity. Rich in color, violet is a healing, romantic shade, and is considered a color of passion. In hues ranging from deep to pale, violet is known to thwart insomnia and is a preferred color for bedrooms. Violet also promotes relaxation and can be soothing.

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