Friday, November 14, 2008

Close Call for Rob Lowe

Rob in his Montecetio Mansion 
Fabulous Back Yard

Living Room

Foyer   Close Call for Rob Lowe and Family, as you may have heard today they had to evacuate their home due to a Out of Control fire that has claimed more than 100 homes.
Rob Lowe told Oprah today his wife had called and told him to get out that Montecito was on fire!  He said there was no warnings, he packed the kids up and as soon as they left the drive way they saw flames upwards of 200 feet on the mountains directly behind his home!

It appears his home will survive as the flames have headed in the opposite direction.  Although the fire is not yet under control, it seems less likely he will loose this beautiful home.



kate said...

thanks for posting the lovely photos of Rob Lowes home, who would have known!!! great blog
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thanks again

Courtney said...

mmmmmm rob lowe!!! he's sexy! oh, oh yeah his house is nice too.