Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Granny's Desert Rose

Franciscan's Desert Rose
This is my Granny's China, with her passing I inherited her collection.  It was her everyday China and I think most of the pieces are from the early 50's, It can still be purchased today. I have fond memories of sitting in her pink kitchen, yes pink, with all pink appliances and tile. Of course Pink was big in the 50's and it was Granny's favorite color. Looking back she was quite the stylish decorator. Since then I pull out her special China every Thanksgiving day  and I'm reminded of all the blessings of a Wonderful Grandmother. I want to be that woman to my Grandchildren!



Courtney said...

these are beautiful dishes!!! i would love to have that set! and what a great story!

kate said...

Funny how much we have in common,
the Desert Rose pattern was my mom's growing up, we used it was everyday dishes. when my daughter
now, 26, started looking at dishes she expressed interest in them,i
bought her 4 sets of vintage dinner plates, salad plates and tea cups and saucers. Three years later when my mom went into an assisted living home, she gave all the left overs (lots of missing pieces) to my daughter, she had so
many pieces your dont see anymore including the cookie jar, and serving pieces. so the tradition has passed on now 3 generations!!
best to you