Saturday, December 6, 2008

7 Things Challenge

  1. 1. August 14, 1958  Fullerton, California
My arrival was not without a little drama. I kicked my mother in the middle of the night, and oops her water broke. My father with his foot to the petal was pulled over by the police for speeding. He exclaimed my wife is in labor!!!  So the officer said why didn't you tell me, follow me with lights flashing.  I was the first born, my mother Carol was 19 and my father Joseph was 26. I grew up mainly in Anaheim, Calif. near disneyland. And yes I could see the fireworks from my bedroom window. My Father worked for the L.A. Sheriffs Department and my mom stayed at home. I had a good childhood, with parents that tried to give us everything we wanted. I was lucky to get my drivers license the day I turned 16. My dad took me to the DMV luckily I passed. On the way home he filled the tank up on my new 1965 Turquoise Mustang    (His old Car) and off I went. That was a great day.  I'm sure you have all figured out my age! This year is the big 50, and it was a hard one to accept (I don't tell anyone, EVER)  Until I was in the theater watching Sex in The City and Samantha Jones blurted out that she was 50 and Fabulous! Instantly I felt better.
This is my Father, so handsome with the blue eyes, I love this picture it was taken when he was in the Navy before I was born. I keep it on my desk so I can admire him.  He passed away in February of 1997, the loss of my father has been a difficult journey. Yet it is one most of us will experience. I'm so thankful of the relationship we shared.
Here I am with my daughter Kate, Mom and daughter Courtney. We went on a cruise this summer and this was our stop in Catalina island. I would say I've pretty much always been a mama's girl. I got all my talents from her. She oil paints, makes porcelain dolls, seamstress, and decorator.  
2. The Love of my Life
I met my husband at the age of 16 and he was 17.  He was the new kid at my High School and I had a huge crush. He was a surfer and skateboarder, what more could a girl want. Of course he really didn't notice me until the summer between my Junior and his Senior year. We haven't been apart since. We married on July 30, 1977. I realize now we look like babies, I was 18 and he was 20. I guess you could say we have grown up together. He truly loves me and his girls. Of course I do kinda feel bad we tend to leave him out a lot, he just doesn't get us!
Here we are now!  We attended my 25th High School reunion and we had been married the longest and had the most grandchildren! Secrets out! I'm not a natural blonde.
3. The Number Three
Three seems to be an important number in my life. I'm the oldest of three girls, and I have three beautiful daughters. My sister Cheri is 14 months younger and my sister Christa is 10 years younger, they tell me I'm the bossy older sister. No surprise most big sisters are bossy. These are my daughters Kate is 24, Carey is 27 and Courtney is 20.  They are my best friends! Kate is a dispatcher for the fire department, Carey is married, a mother 3 and Photographer (check her web site under my links) and Courtney lives at home and is attending college.
These are my three granddaughters...  I love to spoil them rotten, they think I'm the greatest! Isn't that what grandmothers are for? The oldest one likes to say staying with her grandparents is like living in the lap of luxury!   Carey just rolls her eyes, she took this picture of the girls.
Kylah Isabelle is 10, Aspen Grace is 5 and Zoey Madelyn is 3
4. Jesus Christ Superstar
I first saw this at the movies when I was about 14.  It was odd and I remember we were all laughing, oddly enough it was some what of a spiritual awakening.  My only real church   experience was with my grandmother. She was Southern Baptist and played the piano in my sunday school class.  Every Easter Jesus Christ Superstar would come on TV and my sister's and I would sing all the songs. Over the years I have been to the play at least 4 times with my family and even took my oldest granddaughter Kylah. She loves the movie and guess what, she knows all the songs and dance moves just like me! I would say I have a very spiritual side, rooted in old fashion values. 
5. All things Bravo
Ok, I love reality TV. I admit it!  Atlanta Housewife's was so entertaining! GO NENE
Now, we are onto the OC..  Rachel Zoe, Jeff and Zola, Tabatha  I just cannot get enough. I better stop now.
6. Tweezers 
Something I cannot live without. They travel everywhere I go, along with my mirror. You just never know when one of those pesky chin hairs will pop up. If you don't have them now you will. I have been  known to tweeze hairs on others as well.

Just wanted to point out we tweeze hairs and pluck chickens (oops this is a rooster, much prettier than a chicken)7. Collections
This is the most embarrassing thing about me. Every since I can remember I collected things. My first memories are of collecting lady bugs. During the summer my sister and I would be locked outside (something my mother still denies) we passed the time collecting lady bugs in these large jars with holes punched in the metal lids. Then I moved onto miniature glass animals, you know the ones that came in sets. I had a little family of deer. And so it went Barbie dolls, Precious Moment figurines, Madame Alexander Dolls, Beanie Babies complete with tag protectors, Muffy Christmas bears limited edition. Ok, so don't collect those anymore. I have matured and grown. I now collect Coach purses with matching wristlets, Tiffany Jewelry my husband buys it, Oakley sunglasses, Ugg boots, etc. Some habits never die. 

Wow, I kinda sound like a crazy person!  This Challenge has been a big one, I really wanted to throw it all out there.  So that is it.  I now need to pass on the challenge to some of you! 

Mille passed the challenge on to me, be sure to check out her 7 things @  The Laurel Hedge
 I hope your not disappointed Millie!  If you girls are up to the challenge I would love to know more about you too. 

 The deal is: Share 7 things about yourself. Challenge other blogs at the end of your post through naming their blog, and post a link to it. Let them know they have been challenged by leaving a comment in their blog.

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Millie said...

Oh Cathleen, what a wonderful post - you rock girl! Your family is the opposite to mine, all full of girls, how lucky are you. Your daughters are just gorgeous, I'm now plotting how to hook the spare ones up with my available sons.

Yes I agree with you, getting your drivers licence @ 16 is one of life's great moments. However, I'm mighty impressed about your Mustang, I had to make do with an old VW beetle.

I love that you collect such lovely things. It's a fun thing to do as long as you don't start putting cat's whiskers or old toenail clippings ino matchboxes!

Thanks again for taking the time to put such a wonderful post together - I really feel you've given us all such a lovely insight into the Cathleen we so enjoy visiting.
Millie ^_^

squawmama said...

Cathleen this was a wonderful post... you did such an excellent job on it... Your family is gorgeous just like you... I am always in need of a stray chin hair tweezing... Thanks for the smiles this morning... Have a great Sunday...


ps... Come to my site I have an award for you...♥

Screaming Meme said...

Wow...I learned alot...You have a beautiful family and life!...The picture of you and hubby gave me chills...I can see alot of love in the pic and the one know...Your girls are so pretty and I love that all of you are close...It is wonderful to have girls....huh? I don't know if I can come up with 7 things...But I will sure try!:)Love, Meme

laurie said...

Having just met you, this was a wonderful post for me to read. I learned so much about you, and I love all of the pictures you shared. Your wedding picture is just precious, and your daughters are all beautiful, and it was so nice to see your handsome father and talented mother. It was great to get to know you better. BTW, my mother was born in Hope, AR. I live in the NE corner of Ark. Thanks for stopping by my blog. laurie

justabeachkat said...

Oh my! A challenge right here at Christmas! You naughty girl. But....I can't let a challenge go by, so I'll see what I can do. It might take me a few days, but I'll make it happen. Somehow....

You did a fabulous job. Gorgeous photos of your gorgeous family! It sounds like you're as blessed as I am. We're both very lucky.


Tanya said...

What a great post to get to know you! Beautiful post!

kate said...

thanks for inviting me to the challenge, i will do my best, it will take me a day or two, but i hope it will turn out as well as yours, beautiful family and lucky to have a great hubby. See your soon

vicki archer said...

I love your challenge - beautifully written and from the heart. xv

profenretraite said...

Hi Cathleen...What a hoot about the tweezers! I keep a pair in my car because the light is so much better at a red light!!!! lol I loved turning gave me permission not to care what anybody thinks any more! Loved your post! Thanks for the visit!...Debbie

Katie said...

AWWWE! This is such a fun post! And I love the pictures of me (good choice :)
You and Dad do look like babies in that wedding picture!
love you!


Katie said...

ohhh. and the tweasers thing! It's sooooooo true! She does cary them around at ALL times. it's too funny!

niartist said...

ooooo, girl! Yes, I loved nene too! I can't believe all the drama on that show, and whatever Kim - you can't sing! Did you see the reunion special!?!?!
I'm so excited! Now I have someone to talk about Housewives with! Oh, and I can NOT believe that you have grandchildren that age! What moisturizer do you use - can you send me a case? :)

Angela Maria Theresa said...