Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My First Award

Thank you Donna @squawmama 
Donna was so kind to gift me with this blog award! Please give her a visit at our adventures with tassie and let her know I sent you!

Now for the rules! I'm suppose to select 10 blogs to nominate. In the spirit of Christmas (and we are all stressed out)  If you haven't received an award then please take this one!!! Pass it along in the spirit of giving, I don't think Donna will mind! 



squawmama said...

Great Job Cathleen... spreading the joy... I loved it... I am glad I was your first award... I remember mine and it just makes you all warm recieving them... Have a wonderful day...


kate said...

Hi Cathleen,
Iv'e done my 7 Challenges
please visit and blog and ck it
best to you