Saturday, December 20, 2008

Traditional Country Christmas

I Love the boots!

This is for all you traditional Girls.....  Oh and I love it too.



squawmama said...

Oh I love all the pictures Cathleen... I am really fond of the folk art Santa.... he is great... Thanks for sharing...


The English Cottage Collection said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the kind words! Your post is gorgeous and looooove the boots!! I'll be checking back often!
Merry merry

Catherine said...

Loving all your latest colour themed Christmas posts...can't decide which one I like the best!

Screaming Meme said...

I'm a traditional girl! I love the hutch piece...It is so Screaming Meme! :) Love ya! Me

time-worn interiors said...

Hey Cathleen! Glad you stopped by my blog! Love all the different styles of trees! I'll be back!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

niartist said...

Well call me a traditional girl! LOL! I'm really impressed by these photos. I always "over-do" Christmas. 100's of ornaments on each tree, feathers, greenery, flowers, little people ... I know it's too much, but I just can't stop once I get started. Last night I was at my very good friend Melisa's and she had her mantly simply decorated - very much in the style of the rooms you showed here, and I loved it. Ahh, could I ever stop being over the top!?!?!?!

profenretraite said...

The pics are all just gorgeous. I agree with you about the boots...such a cute idea!...Debbie

laurie said...

I loved all of the pictures. I guess that makes me a "traditional girl". I love the bowl of apples with Christmas trees. Thanks for sharing. laurie

Rue said...

Hi Cathleen :)

That last pink post was absolutely precious, but this one? Be still my heart!! I love love love it all!!!!

I want to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas. I'm so happy to have "met" you through blogging and look forward to reading all your future posts in the upcoming New Year :)